7 Turkish Most Outstanding in Central Java Makes Impatient Exploring

The dry season is almost here; must not be wasted, dong! Definitely better NIH if your weekend spent enjoying the sea breeze and the sound of the waves while you feel the warm sand under your feet.

Well, before Hip were already invite you men jam ahi beaches in East Java and Yogyakarta sections. Apparently, Central Java also has many beaches that not less beautiful than the above area you know. Sewa Bus Pariwisata

1. A Volcano Menganti beach in Kebumen

No need to go far away to New Zealand to enjoy the beautiful secluded beach surrounded by green hills. You can really find it in Kebumen, precisely in the Village Karangduwur, District Dad. Indeed, the steep and winding path that you must go through in order to find this beach, but the beauty of Turkish Menganti you will not be able to deny when you have mei hat NYA from the top of the hill.
Not only enjoying the smell of the salty sea, fishing boats were dita pat kan also create a romantic atmosphere of its own when you visited this beach. Do not miss to enjoy a meal of fresh seafood caught by local fishermen.

2. quietness Pearson beach you can enjoy also in Kebumen,

Not far from the beach Logending or father, there is a beach restaurant that you should go if you want a beach is quiet and calm. It is somewhat hidden and access fairly difficult to make Turkish Pearson is still rarely visited by tourists. Hence, at this beach you can enjoy time to yourself, accompanied by the roaring waves rolling onto the beach.

Not only that, you also can enjoy water gurgling little creek that empties into this Pecan beach. Around him, the green hills and palm trees add a beautiful panorama of this beach. If you want to come here, come to the village State, District father through the direction of Turkish sujuk Menganti Beach.
3. Still in Kebumen, samba nagi unique hidden lagoons in Turkish Bopong

Bogong Laguna Beach, Kebumen via www.explorekebumen.com

Kebumen indeed a paradise for tourists on the coast of Central Java. There are one more beautiful and unique beaches that are worth your time samba nagi play to Kebumen, namely Bopong Beach. At first glance, the beach is located in the village Aurorean, District Puring, Kebumen it looks normal. But here it turns out you can find the “lagoon” which is not far from the lips gorgeous beaches.
Laguna is formed from the water flow of the river snaking, forming an “island” mini are certainly interesting to be used as the background of your photos. After that, the content-pausing de playing waves at this beach!

4. Nusa Kambangan not merely lists of prisoners, because the island has a beach Karang Pandan turns to make you reluctant to go home

Nusa Kambangan island is known as the “island prison”, because here there are Nusa Kambangan Penitentiary is famous for. But behind the sangar nyah side, who would have thought if the island became part of Cilacap district is proved to have a charming tourist potential?
One of them is Turkish Karang Pandan. The white sandy beach is located east of the island and still rarely touched by tourists, so you can freely enjoy its beauty. Right in front of you, a view increasingly dipercacntik with their two coral islands called Marathi Island. The beach is also often used as a place to float an offering.

5. For you who liked to ride the waves, do not miss to conquer the waves roll in Turkish Widarapayung, Cilacap

For you who enjoyed the sport of surfing, certainly do not negligent to visit the beach Widarapayung located in the village of south Java on Widera umbrella, District Binangun, Cilacap, this. Be prepared, because of the big waves rolling sand beach will challenge to be conquered with a surfboard. No need to bother with a surfboard from home, because at this beach surfing existing operators who will rent the boards for you.

In addition, the remnants of the tsunami disaster in 2006 still can you see in this beach through a memorial being built there. Do not forget to try the typical tastes parcel for use recombing as a complement.
6. Crave unspoiled beaches with access that is not difficult? Walk down Plus Coast were still awake kea lamia NYA in Jepara

Plus beach, Jepara via cybernerdkid.blogspot.com

Jepara is famous for being the gateway to Karimun. But, not only that, Carving City also has a numberĀ  of beaches

There’s something unique from this white sandy beach. Despite good access road, the beach is still very awake d beauty. This happens because there are laws that prohibit citizens building on the beach to keep its authenticity. But, the rules would encourage economic growth Karanggondang village, because inevitably visitors to the beach will be heading there to fill the stomach and stay.

7. Find a complete package of tourism in Bandengan Beach, Jepara

Bandengan beach or beach Tirta Samudra is one of the beaches in Jepara is a favorite destination for tourists. How not? On the white sandy beaches of this beautiful, you can find a variety of amenities to make your vacation at the beach is getting full. No banana boat, jet ski, ATV, canoe, until the Wave House which has artificial waves, as well as a boat to cross over to Long Island.

Interestingly, Bandengan Beach is also often host the race kite, from the local, national, and international. Wait until nightfall and watch the sun set beautifully on the horizon from this beach in visit us Sewa Bus Pariwisata