AMD: Zen APUs are coming in the second half of the year

Zen APUs

AMD has this year many innovation in the pipeline. Almost the impression could arise that the manufacturer hardly knows when all this should be presented. In the coming days, the long-awaited Ryzen processors will finally be officially presented. In the run-up to the Computex, new graphics cards are to follow, which are based on the Vega architecture, and then also a new APU series, which like the Ryzen chips are to be based on the Zen architecture.

Now, AMD announced at Reddit that interested parties at this point probably still have to wait until the second half of the year. Apparently the processors with the integrated graphics chip after the summer vacation time on the market, which would point to September. However, the technical details have so far been sparse. On the CPU side, the chips are made up of a CCX module, that is, have four cores. No information is available on the GPU. At this point, a graphics unit based on the Polaris architecture as well as a Vega-based iGPU would be conceivable.

Intel competitor AMD has now announced that from March 2, three new chip models will be in the market. The new processor is very cheap and according to the data of computer experts, the competitor Intel in this price and performance class far behind. This new announcement could fuel the rally of the stock again. After all, AMD has gained more than 600% within a year. The processors are still pre-orderable and therefore not on the market. But the rumored kitchen is already assuming that the company thereby 2017 unlike the previous year the profit zone can reach. Therefore, the number of shares traded doubled the day before the announcement of the new figures. An analyst also rated the stock as a “buy”.

The share price itself was able to report a 10-year high to the next day. In just one month, the plus is still more than 40%. At all times, AMD has also clearly achieved and confirmed the upward trend. Meanwhile, technical analysts fear that the course is already overheated. The bottom line is that fund analysts hope for profits this year and technical analysts warn against overheating. This is why the share is in the neutral range in the short term.