baggy pants are styled with use and how your clothes look fresh

Baggy pants style: so it goes
Of a friend of the other suffering is. Gone are the days of Skinny Jeans, leggings & co. now wearing pants. For those who still somewhat hard pressed with the already established cutting, we have tips, what should be considered when styling


Street style Copenhagen


A lot has changed Bell-Bottoms, Marlene trousers, Culottes when it comes to pants. The popular Skinny Jeans was replaced on the catwalks as well as on the road. And what very few people know: almost every woman can wear this new trouser cut. Itdepends only on the styling!
Key styling rules
Especially for small women, it is important to stretch the silhouette. Should you access either to high shoes that stretches and acts at the same time elegant or wear a top that is narrowly tailored to adopt the proportions. Oversize if you like it, insert the upper part in the waistband. So they emphasize the waist, creating the form.
If the pants are not only far, but also extra long (E.g. a Marlene pants) you should access best to pointy high heels. So you can see your shoes and the silhouette is extended. Take care that the pants long enough, otherwise looks quickly after “high water pants off.
If you want to combine a culotte casual with sneakers, pants at a narrow point should end, so that the silhouette is not shortened visually. Women with a long upper body should better put on opentoed shoes or high heels.


So you can style the baggy pants
Baggy pants to the stroll


For a stroll, you should wear the pants in any case with comfortable shoes such as sneakers or sandals. Depending on the time of year with strappy top or sweater (in cropped-length) combine to a leather or denim jacket.


Baggy pants to the party:
For the evening, it should be quiet a bit fancier. Choose a silk top, about a cool bomber or Bikerjacke and definitely high heels with wide trousers.


Baggy pants to the Office:
Access to the classic Blazer or a turtleneck to make the look suitable for Office use. Definitely help pumps. With colors like dark blue, gray or black, you are on the safeside, they appear always elegant and timeless.


1. go to the dressmaker
The secret to perfectly drawn people? The fit of the clothes. Even a few millimeterson the hem of the jacket or pants make a perfectfitting favorite piece from a suit off the rack. Especially when it comes to the 12 absolute basics in your wardrobe. Bestyou go directly after the purchase to the dressmaker then you will have it behind you.


2. pay attention to details
You can see bargains often in the details. Replace with a blazer for example the simple plastic knobs against individual pieces of mother-of-Pearl or metal and already looks the part of 0815 for a designer piece. Shopping Tip: there are individual buttons in the haberdashery business, at the antique market, or online at DaWanda. Also replacing by the way does your dressmaker.
3. develop a feeling for material
Stay away from expensive cuts of cheap fabric. Knitting sweaters or cotton tops forgive compromising the quality, but for more complicated pieces of clothing such as an asymmetric skirt with pleats, crackles cheap silk and “flies”.
4. maintain your clothes
A lint roller should belong to your standard equipment. jual sepatu converse hitam Even a great designer coat looks unkempt, if he is full of lint or hair. This also applies to wrinkled clothes!
5. invest properly
Most people misunderstand the principle of investment pieces. 200 euro for classicslike black high heels? Rather choose the cheap version of Zara or Topshop, becausethe pumps are already quickly expired. However, you should invest more incatchers, such as patterned dresses or materials such as lace,: eye-catching pieces are the center of attention. Do you know already the jeans, which makes slim?
6. choose monochrome looks
Contrast colors or pattern mixes are the Königsdiziplin in styling. Better: Tone on-tone effect always nobly even in unusual colors (see picture above).