Benefits of Salt For Healthy Body

One of the herbs that must exist when cooking is salt, so salt was one of the herbs that should be there every we cook because if it does not exist then seasoning dishes will taste very bland and not karu-known.

But have you know about the benefits of salt in addition to herbs used for “mamasak” ??? Well certainly many who do not know is not it ??? Okay for those of you who want to know some of the benefits of this salt, salt Here are some benefits to health that we can present to you all:
Benefits of Salt
Can rejuvenate dead skin
One good benefit of salt is to remove dead skin cells in the body, besides beramanfaat to remove dead skin or rejuvenating the skin. Salts can also dimanfaatakn for natural body scrub loo, this is because salt contains silica sand which does not harm the skin.

Can eliminate acne
Strusktur in the salt content of “The kitchen spice” was also stored anti-bacterial effect is good for your skin lo. Therefore you can use table salt for natural Scrub acne removal.

As for those of you who want to know how you can read it in full diartikel us how to get rid of acne using salt water immersion

Can be used for natural remedy fatigue in your legs.
For those of you who have foot problems sore and tired, you can take advantage of the salt to relieve the fatigue. Adapuan way is to soak the feet using warm water mixed with salt to taste.

Treating toothache
For those of you who are having trouble abscessed tooth or toothache, you can try salt as a natural one for menggurangi pain. The way is to gargle with warm salt water several times a day.