Carnival: 10 Ideas For Last Hour Jual Kostum Badut Bandung Fantasies

There is little left to start the party. Pirates, dancers, princesses, Greeks, Romans and Egyptians are out to win the streets. Be it adult or child, it’s time to play!

Were you unable to prepare your jual kostum badut bandung? The Magazine I Did! Selected some “Do It Yourself” fancy ideas for you to produce with what you have at home – or almost! LOL

Get Inspired!

1. Rain

In the carnival, we can be up to the rain that refreshes and elevates the levels of the reservoirs! 🙂 You will need the structure of an old umbrella, lots of cotton or white patchwork, glue and a raincoat. What about?

2. Pirates

You have a striped T-shirt, but did you miss your hat? Do not be so, make a paper. Even rhymed!

3. Butterfly

The carnival gives us wings. Be a beautiful butterfly. It’s not difficult, look! If you do not have tissues at home, reapply stained and very old sheets. #tip

4. Cartola

Make a top hat to be a magician, mad hatter, clown, whatever you want. Follow the steps:

5. Peter Pan

Well that carnival could be our Neverland, right? Forever child. <3 It can also be Pan by customizing green pajama and polo pants.

6. Rope Doll

Do you have a beautiful, light and loose jual kostum badut bandung? Make a rope with cardboard and you’re done, turn into a doll!

Tip: Take advantage of shoe boxes and foil rolls.

7. Pet Mask

Did you know that egg shapes can become beautiful snouts? <3

8. Flowers

At carnival, we can turn into a whole garden. Call friends!

9. Crown

It does not take so much luxury to be a queen. <3

Tip: If you do not have a decorated paper cup, use a disposable, paint or cover with gift wrap. More details, everything explained in Portuguese.

10. Unicorn

Why not miss magic at the carnival!

And then came that inspiration? Tell us!

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Good carnival! 🙂