What is a CDN? : Why does it take WordPress Blog

We often hear about CDN, but for the entire CDN why wordpress blog require to handle problems that might occur, is not hosting servers are able to do it all? Many times I have heard about it from some friends at the forum, it seems not many people know about the “content delivery networks” is.

Many cite that by using the CDN website loading will be faster, some say again that using it will make a wordpress blog more slowly. 2 This version may be confusing us. Rather than try to explain my arguing about whether CDN and whether it is necessary for wordpress blog? Here’s the explanation you should know¬†google masuk

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CDN stands for Content Delivery Networks is a network server that provides caching static content of the site to users based on the geographic location of the user. So the explanation of this is that we can accept, that the CDN functionality could be an alternative use to speed up loading wordpress blog. Perhaps this is not so clear, the following simple understanding

Normally when a user comes to your wordpress blog hosting, they are redirected to a web server host. You host a web server in a location such as in Jakarta. So every user on your website to access one server to view your website. Now if you have a high volume of traffic, then indirectly can overload the server that leads to the site eventually the site will slow or even crash the server will occur. This is where the role of CDN useful for network server hosting. When you use a CDN, caching static content stored on all servers. Static content including images, stylesheets (CSS file), JavaScripts, Flash, etc. when a user visits the site (the original server), CDN technology directs them to the server closest to their location.

For example: If you are using a server hosting in Indonesia then there are users accessing from America, then they will be directed to the nearest server that may be in America. So the role of CDN wordpress blog is very helpful in order to avoid problems when users access your site. By deploying your content across multiple geographically dispersed servers, you’ve made the pages load faster than perspective. If you are using a CDN. In simple words, the closer the CDN server to the user, the more quickly the user gets the content. This forms a simple explanation of the content delivery networks.


If you’ve read the article above, it can draw the obvious conclusion that having a CDN can make a huge impact on the website and the following are some of the advantages when we use the CDN:

  1. Speed – By using cdn wordpress sites will now load faster.
  2. Accident Resistance – content delivery networks enable us to distribute the load to multiple servers from the traffic of 100% to the primary server that makes it tends to crash.
  3. Improved User Experience – With the latest technology this content delivery networks that can certainly be enhanced user experience. Bounce rate will be small.
  4. Improved SEO – Google has said that faster sites tend to have a higher rank in the Search Engines.

That explanation about whether cdn it and what benefits will be received after use. an important point of this article itself is to speed up loading of the site in addition to using a cache plugin or hosting unlimited.