DIY: Elephant With A Tracksuit

In this post: online tutorial and explanations to Easily Make an elephant costume to use for carnival, performances, theme parties.

Here is the fourth and last day of the Carnival costumes DIY for Adults and Children What I have done with the use Sector of a simple sweat suit. The System And Very simple and convenient Especially for those who have no time or do not know or wants to sew one from scratch.

In this case, cutting out shapes of felt or felt gray and pink, and by applying them to a gray sweat suit, I Made an elephant costume DIY cute and Quick to rate. Once the carnival, the recitation or the holiday of a theme, the attached fabric shapes can be Removed and the suit can return to Being as before.

Come and Make the costume Elephant To Make elephant costumes I used a common gray and blue suit with hood and few felt cutout.

Waste materials

from gray tracksuit
Felt gray, white, black, pink, brown
ago and wire or double-sided adhesive or glue or stretch

Pattern to be printed

If you want to do the elephant kostum badut too, you can download the PDF What I Prepared with the pattern of all the pieces:
PRINT → pattern/head elephant mask.

Elephant head

By Rate head elephant I cut out various shapes (face, eyes, snout, fangs, claws) on pan Nolen ci / felt and I put it between them with glue in order to complete the whole head.

Once ready, I stitched with thread and makes the elephant’s head above the hood of the suit.

Elephant body

I Cut the squares with one side rounded and I applicate with adhesive tape on the sleeves and cuffs of his pants to simulate the nails of elephant legs.

Elephant tail

To complete the costume, I Made the tail on the gray cutting a long strip of a form of the triangle and on the brown. A strip fringed What I glued the tip. With wire ago and then I sewed his tail behind the suit pants.

Tips and Suggestions

✔ Per Building elephant costume will recommend using a gray suit with hood. If the cap can not build there the mask of the elephant with the felt and then put it on the head with a rubber band. If you do not have a gray suit can get well blue too.

✔ Sew And you’re strong, you can stick the piece’s components the elephant costumes not only with a wire coming ago and I have Done, but Also with double sided tape or stretch. Once the carnival, the recitation of a theme or holiday, you will not have far nothing but pull the pieces, wash the suit and back to use it normally.

✔ Con this system you can create an elephant kostum badut for All Ages and you can also create many original carnival costumes SIA for Babies, What Kids, That for Adults.

If you want more ideas for make kostum badut and carnival masks, I recommend you to check out our website at

Good fun!