Earthquake Not Be Predicted

Up to now there is no technology that can detect when the earthquake. Only the Almighty knows. Japan is the most advanced and most modern technology but they still have not been able to detect when the earthquake.

It is also recognized by the BMKG (Meteorological, Climatology and Geophysics Agency),
earthquakes can not be predicted due to earthquake detection technology yet. This is quite surprising, amid information from the parties – the party claiming to have information on the area to be hit by an earthquake. Earthquake kit

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Indeed, nature still holds immense mystery to solve. So it is very natural that the BMKG issued a statement that the earthquake threat detection technology so there is no earthquake is impossible to predict. Statistical data and geographic analysis indeed belong to man but Allah is who decides everything. We as human beings can only pray for the salvation and forgiveness.

Up to now there is no technology that knows exactly when and where earthquakes will occur. For that, people should not panic if there are those who claim to know the exact time and location of the earthquake.

That the public can know is just the area – which areas are prone to earthquakes. Earthquake-prone areas in Indonesia is divided into six regions. The areas most prone to earthquakes is Coast West Coast of Sumatra, Java South, South East Nusa Tenggara, North Papua and Sulawesi. People who live in the area should always be prepared for the possibility of earthquakes.

In 2007, the central government never buy a device for early detection of earthquake / tsunami of Germany. That said, the technology is more sophisticated than that operated the US and Japan. It cost about 45 million euros. However, when a quake in Mentawai, tsunami remain “faster” than an early warning to these devices. The latest technology developed by Georgia Institute of Technology was only able to catch the signal tsunami 10 minutes after the initial quake. For those of us who are in an open area of land, still have a chance to save themselves better. However, it is not for those who are within range “close” tsunami, both in urban areas and on the sea coast. Lives at stake on the sophistication of the earthquake and tsunami detection technology.

So we as human beings should be revived to keep in mind and devoted to Allah and do not feel smug with the ability of the human brain. Because it would be pointless if the Creator wills. Hopefully our brothers in Japan remain steadfast and accept with sincerity this ordeal and given strength to continue to continue to live with passion.