Factors Cause Flooding

Floods are events going down of the mainland (which is usually dry) because of the increased volume of water
flooding can occur due to excessive water somewhere due to a big rain, river water, or rupture of the dam the river. Earthquake preparedness kit

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In many arid areas of the world, the soil has poor water absorption power, or the amount of rainfall exceeds the soil’s ability to absorb water. When it rains, which sometimes floods occur suddenly as a result of dry water channel being filled with water. Flooding are called flood.

The cause of the flood – Among some of the causes of flooding are:

  • Illegal loging (logging forest wild)
  • The accumulation of waste in the drains, causing blockages in the drains.
  • Lack of public awareness to replant in areas / forests new tebangi.
  • The absence of more soil water infiltration to be used as a place for him to rest when his rain fell. no more green area as a groundwater recharge. Consequently, when the rain comes, the soil becomes eroded by water and then the water continued to slide in the absence of natural barriers which then cause flooding. and many more causes of flooding the other.

Natural factors cause flooding are:
The storm also can cause flooding in several ways, including through the large waves that can reach 8 meters. Besides the storm also the precipitation associated with storm events. Eye of the storm has a very low pressure, so the sea level could rise several meters on the eye thunder. Coastal flooding as is often the case in Bangladesh.

Earthquakes seabed and the eruption of the island mountain volcano crater (such as Thera or Krakatau) can trigger a huge wave called a tsunami that caused flooding in coastal areas.

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