Focus On The Eyes For Photography

Focus On The Eyes For Photography

Obtain images in focus is, of course, necessary for a good photograph. Everything else can be perfect, but if the subject is in focus you have achieved your purpose. And the picture will be very uninteresting. In nature photography (or animal), one of the most important rules is to keep the eye of the sharp subject. So always remember, when you aim your subject, to ensure that the focus point falls right on the eye, and press the shutter button halfway to focus on the same eye and then shoot. By the way, the fish has a very mobile eye make sure that you look at when you click!

Focus your attention

Diving for pleasure and to make photography are two completely different activities. Patience is important in underwater photography while in leisure diving you tend to explore, in photographic diving expects It expects that our subject assumes the ideal location and systems in a suitable position to take the picture, maybe away from other divers like us. The photographic dives are therefore largely statichee is not uncommon for underwater photographers do more dives to photograph a single entity, although perhaps very common.


It depends on the depth usually it could be important to go with the ISO if you do not use a flash and then remain close to the surface of the water, but in the case of the external flash can we maintain a low value, around 200 for example.
Underwater Photography Shutter

This is an issue to keep in mind we do not stop in the water as on land, and our subject is often on the move. This needs a very fast shutter speed to capture a good still image. Obviously, in the absence of flash, the only solution is to increase the ISO to reduce the time.

Use a Strobe
Since water absorbs light and cancels the color of underwater images, your best bet is to use an underwater flash to restore the lost color, create contrast and help maintain the sharpness of the image. Because of the way in which the light penetrates the water, the images will tend to assume a particularly blue coloring without the use of a flash. Furthermore, the same flash can help to freeze movement and thus to avoid blurry images. If you need to make an investment, this is definitely the best.