Ford Gives Up $ 1.6 Billion Investment In Mexico After Talking About Trump

The first step to the wall? As Donald Trump’s constant negative criticisms of Mexico hit the American business world

The newly elected President of the United States, Donald Trump, has already influenced the country’s business. (3), influenced a decision by Ford – one of the most important brands in the world – not to invest in Mexico. In the case, a company would build a factory in the country most criticized by Trump.

Ford’s plan A would involve an investment of $ 1.6 billion. With a withdrawal, a multinational has opened a factory in Michigan, United States, with an investment of $ 700 million, worth making budgeted for Mexico. The purpose of the company is to manufacture in this unit of electric and autonomous vehicles.

Trump made an “alert” to General Motors. The billionaire is clear that it is a company to continue mounting the Chevy Cruze in Mexico and sending it to the United States, free of taxes, which has to pay taxes.


The threats made by Donald Trump and a recent withdrawal from Ford is a matter of interest and study in business freedom and market regulation, as advocated by neoliberals.
Ford’s choice to open a factory in Mexico was due to competition from the Mexican market. According to scholars, no Latin country the sale and production of automobiles would be more positive and expressive in with the US market. That is, for their eyes plan B (open a factory in Michigan) is not good for a United States economy, as this is not the final price of the products.

Mark Fields, Ford’s CEO, is positive with a Donald Trump presidency, which will take effect on the 20th. In a statement, Fields said that a Ford is excited by Plans for the president-elect and the new legislative point to pursue.


Donald Trump’s victory was announced not on November 9 and it moved the world. For some, for a confirmation that days with speeches of intolerance will not go away anytime soon. For others, a salvation from terrorist threats. The fact is, Trump is a controversial figure for the same after his conquest, this time there is a mistrust of Russia’s involvement in the US elections to influence the outcome. Vladimir Putin has woven a document involving a former Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, in corrupt actions.