Why a forest fire and its aftermath

Forest fires could become a new natural disaster for the community. Where do most earthquakes happen  why can a forest fire? The cause of the fire could be due to natural processes, namely the weather and the air is too hot in  with a long dry season, and also because of human activity that is sloppy and not see the importance of forests for the survival of people in the world. In this case, there are several causes of forest fires are common in the peat forests and other tropical forests
Hasil gambar untuk mengapa kebakaran hutan dapat terjadi

  1. The air temperature is very hot in a prolonged drought
  2. A lightning strike into the woods that droughts can also cause fire menyebakkan a fire.
  3. The volcanic activity as lava flows into the forest area, it can easily burn the forest to the end
  4. Human negligence misalanya forget to put out the fire when it has finished the camp in the forest, or carelessly throw cigarette butts are not dead, after selalai manage forests.
  5. Bringas land clearing by burning
  6. Fires that occur in the soil, usually occurring on peat soils due to soil temperature is very hot

After a forest fire not only the fire environment that experience a disaster, but also to human bad if the fire resulted in excessive smoke.

As a result that caused the forest fire that bringas are as follows:

  1. Cause denuded forests
  2. Resulting in landslides as the soil can not hold water due to the bare soil
  3. The loss of valuable animals in the forest
  4. The loss of the raw material industries that use large timber, consequently shutting down because the raw material is no longer there.
  5. The spread gar emissions of carbon dioxide or CO2 into the atmosphere
  6. Mengakibatkat lung diseases and ARI or acute respiratory infections, because the smoke is too much, usually affects children and the elderly
  7. The destruction of homes that are near land burned
  8. The smoke was too much not only cause disease, tepapi mempungaruhi motorist visibility, and worse still stout airports were closed due to this natural disaster.

In this disaster very much disadvantaged, and therefore we all, including me. Do not burn the forest carelessly just because of our desire to expand our business or businesses in achieving satisfaction alone. note the state of the people around us. Unless the fire is purely of the creator.