Nails For New Year 2013 The Caviar Will Be The Trendiest

Nails For New Year 2013 The Caviar Will Be The Trendiest

Among the ideas for nails New Year 2013 decoration, the one with the small beads of the caviar manicure is really the most apt for the party. Tutorials, instructions and fabulous photo!

Every time of year requires the right nail decoration. This is especially true for the New Year’s Day, when the party wants a make-up and a more sophisticated look than ever.

In particular, if we want to be really chiccose for New Year’s Eve, a manicure caviar it will really make a great impression! But what is the fashion of nail art to be realized on New Year 2013

The trend in nail art takes a lot of colorful hands with not too long nails. A blue base, teal, fuchsia or black is very much in line with current fashion trends.
How is the caviar manicure

To make a perfect manicure with caviar for New Year 2013, we need

a top coat ciate Paint Pots that you can buy online or at Sephora
a pack of Caviar Pearls

Here’s how the caviar manicure for New Year 2013

Apply 2 coats of ciate Paint Pots
Pour caviar (caviar pearls) on the nail
Press the beads on the entire nail bed so that they apply uniformly
Hold for 20 minutes

N.B. To make a colorful manicure is necessary to apply a base color for each nail and then apply the ciate Paint Pots resulting beads decoration color on color.

The black manicure requires the application of black caviar pearls.

If you want to create a black and gold decoration, best to leave the base of the nail transparent!

Good preparations for the New Year 2013 celebration!

Glazes Pupa 2013 winter full of magnetic or glitter

The watchwords of Pupa nail is magnetic, the glitter, the bubble and the degadè kit with top coat. Here are all the Pupa news for winter 2012-2013 for a nail art really effervescent.

For the next 2013, Pupa has launched in perfumery is a selection of new entries are on our nails. What is it about
Glazes Pupa degradè

The latest addition to the house Pupa is the degradè kit with a palette of 6 very attractive colors. The kit consists of

1 LASTING COLOR brilliant polish with Best Seller formula to be used as a base by the extreme extreme and intense color brilliance
1 DEGRADE TOP COAT that turns the color of the glaze to dark from light and gives a glossed finish and ultra long life.