Natural Factors Cause Flooding

Flood is a terrible natural disaster impact, could cause material loss to the victim’s life. Flooding often occurs in the rainy season but along with the global warming that causes climate and weather becomes erratic, flooding is now even rained briefly and with little rainfall caused flooding but ultimately very detrimental to the crowd. Earthquake survival kit there are so many factors that make the flood, there are derived is due to natural factors and others are derived from the human factor. Besides causing material losses and loss of life, the effect of after flood events is quite dangerous if not handled properly, the flood victims could be exposed to the disease, such as diarrhea and others.


Indonesia is one country that has a high rainfall, and therefore we must be alert to the possibility of flooding. Especially for the people who live in the area sloping or flat, and located on the outskirts of the river. Very likely to occur, floods can come suddenly.

 To raise awareness of these floods, we must know what are the causes of floods, here are  10 Natural Factors Cause Flooding :
  1. Rainfall Very High, heavy rains could cause flooding. Examples Floods.
  2. Siltation occurs River, this silting caused by erosion upstream so that the material settles and cause erosion into the river so shallow / not in. When very large volume of water, the river will not be able to contain it and there was a flood.
  3. Seawater Posting / Large ocean waves, this causes the seawater to be great and the ride to the mainland until he could cause a tsunami.
  4. Cyclone / Hurricane, this could also cause flooding because when typhoons / hurricanes usually accompanied by strong winds and rain. When typhoons / hurricanes occur in the sea then it could lead to rising sea levels and causing flooding in coastal areas.
  5. The Melting snow, snow is water that turns to ice. While the snow is melting, it will cause rivers and sea level rise.
  6. Erosion On Land, Rain that occurs continuously can cause soil erosion causes soil carried away by the water and eventually leaving only stones / rocks alone, the stone can not store water as tanahm so when it rained again, the water is not absorbed well into the ground until finally flowing into the river and so flood.
  7. The state of crops / plants, if an area is rarely any plant or plant so when it rained, the water will not be absorbed by the plant and cause flooding.
  8. Avalanches, landslides that occurred on the outskirts of the river could cause flooding. Landslide that covered the river and is not known by the people will cause the water sunga unstoppable and bigger. While the avalanche had not hold the large flow of water, then there was a flash flood. Never happen in Cisalak, corm.
  9. Rocks areas, areas with environmental conditions largely composed of rocks than soil. It would be more susceptible to flooding, because the rocks have the ability to absorb the bad water. Usually, what often happens is the flash flood / flood
  10. Regional conditions The ramps or are in the Lowlands. These areas are more prone to flooding than areas located in the highlands.

That was the explanation of material 10 Natural Factors Cause Flooding , may be useful.