‘Stop With This Clowning Around’: Clowns Condemn Use Of Kostum Badut Bandung To Terrorize People

Hundreds of professional clowns in Latin America have protested against a recent global wave of “scary clowns”, which they say are damaging to the category’s image.

At an annual convention in Mexico City, they sang together: “We are clowns, not murderers.”

What Lies Behind The Wave Of Scary Kostum Badut Bandung In The Us

People dressed in scary clown costumes were first seen in August in the United States and since then have had reports, not from the UK, Australia, and Brazil that have spread rapidly through social networks.

Last week, five teenagers dressed as kostum badut bandung were detained in Mexicali, northwest Mexico, for they were scaring people with tacos. Sinister clowns were also seen in Querétaro, in the north-central part of the country.

The recent hysteria surrounding the text has had a policy in several countries intensify patrols on the outskirts of schools – in some local fancy stores has been that pulls more of clown off the shelves.

This phenomenon also made a network of McDonald’s limit diners as appearances at public events for his mascot, Ronald McDonald.


Hundreds of professionals gathered at the 21st International Clown Convention in Mexico: ‘We’re not killers’

But who makes a living As a clown decided to fight this wave, hoping to reverse a negative perception created around the activity.
“Clowns show us that we are good people, and we seek to do our work in the best way possible,” kostum badut bandung Hoi Hoi told Reuters news agency.

The Argentine clown Plug Fluorescent said he did not see “no grace” in the bizarre clowns. Other issues with the safety of professional clowns.
Tomas Morales, president of the Brotherhood of Latin Clowns, said: “If people do not see the newspaper that they are bad, they are capable of making a hatchet or a gun and killing a clown.”

Latin American clowns got embroiled in a controversy in 2013 when one of them was accused of killing a former leader of a Mexican drug cartel. At that year’s convention, they denied an accusation, arguing that their fantasies were often stolen and used to commit crimes.

The annual convention, known locally as “Kings of Laughter”, brings together kostum badut bandung from all over the continent. Only in Mexico, about 10 thousand professionals, according to a Latin American Association of Clowns.