Text Only On Living, What Is It And What Will Change In The World Bio

Text Only On Living, What Is It And What Will Change In The World Bio

A single on the biological text to finally put order, in an industry that is worth three billion euro and that in recent years, he has had a spike in demand among consumers.

In recent days, the Agriculture Committee of the Senate approved the single Text on organic farming.

A Text, therefore, to regulate a growing market which so far has been made so much confusion. It goes on like this, towards the adoption of a comprehensive law itself, which controls the entire production chain.

Thanks to the provisions of law and the ministerial decree provided for in the Connected agriculture http://syamsflorist.com, are now dictated guidelines to follow if you decide to produce organic food.

Specifically, as stated in the text, the law aims to promote and enhance the development and competitiveness of organic production, pursuing the aims of contributing to the environment and ecosystem, the protection of biodiversity, health and information consumer.

They are so governed the production, marketing, import, export, certification and control of organic products, and the use of the same products in catering operations.

Ten titles and 55 articles which are a window into the biological world, it starts with the very definition of ‘organic farming’, that which must respect the natural processes and adopt methods that respect the natural cycles, safeguarding resources such as soil, the water and the air and in general the protection of the landscape. Not forgetting the animal welfare and product quality.

Article 3 is then stresses that organic production excludes the use of genetically modified organisms and their derivatives. Then there are all various specifications concerning the supply chain and the principle of subsidiarity on the responsibilities and certification checks.

The business of the criminal profits reinvested in the restoration would involve over 5 thousand rooms, with a more extensive presence in Rome, Milan and in big cities. Activities clean to come alongside those dirty, making use of the proceeds of the second, thus ensuring the ability to survive even to the uncertain market trends and economic downturns.
All that remains immune to even the field of catering.

Among all sectors agromafiosi as the restaurant is perhaps the most traditional segment, and immediately perceived as typical of the phenomenon. In some cases they are the same gangs to own franchises and even then, chain restaurants in various cities of Italy, and also to ‘foreign, strong capital insured by collateral trafficking, says Coldiretti.