There are times you have to go away somewhere for a few days, for example, go for a vacation, a visit to the home of relatives or friends outside the city, or traveling for business. for those of you who keep dogs at home, before and during the traveling you have to make plans to take care of your pet dog from being displaced, for example, set up a special cage for traveling, ask the help of relatives to take care of your dog or even hire a nanny dog.

Animal Caregivers

If the home has a lot of dogs, you’ll want to call in a dog sitter to take care of and keep pet dogs when you are traveling. Make sure the person who will take care of your pet dog is really a nanny with a good reputation. Provide some information about your dog on him before leaving, such as the type of food that you normally give (including how much and when dogs eat, and do not forget to provide enough food before you go), passing on the things that relate to the problem medical, as well as thing any dog ​​can and can not do.

Bring Dogs go on vacation

If you do intend to bring your pet dog to go on holiday together, you should familiarize himself traveling. If you will use public transport when traveling, it is worth considering the existing regulations. If traveling by car, put the dog in a cage is the safest way for her to lie, spin, or standing in it. Do not forget to stop and rest for a moment during the trip, and do not leave your dog alone in a car with no supervision at all.

Bringing dogs go abroad 
Traveling abroad accompanied by your beloved dog is now easier because of the existence of Pet Travel Scheme (PETS). However you still have to pay attention to the conditions and regulations as well as complement your favorite dog with the appropriate documents such as vaccination card and other medical treatments to facilitate exit and entry into a country.