Tips on choosing trousers jeans to fit and comfortable while you wear

Women know: shopping can be sometimes really exhausting. Especially when one isin a shop, where the queues in front of the cabins once again through the half shopstand. Worse still, There are even no changing rooms, on a flea market. For all thosewho are just in this case looking for a matching pants, we have two ultimate tricks, to find out whether she fit one. Without that one you have to try.
Trick #1: of the elbow hack
With this trick, the Federal Government should be front completely closed by buttons and zippers. This is the case, holding his pants with one hand and places the other hand, the entire forearm into the waistband. Diameter of jeans and forearm are identical, the pants will probably fit.
You can see how this works exactly, also again in this short video.
Trick #2: the “Ruff”
This trick is as laborious as the first. The Federal Government of the pants from the back to the neck must be set for this hack. If the ends of the trouser front touch, thejeans to allegedly take care. Overlap the ends, the pants are too big. It does not touch the pants are too small. It don’t you think? We have this method the editorial testsubject and Lo and behold: something is actually in the method!
It is important only that one considers which model you want to measure out just.It‘s a high-waist Jeans, it may be that the ends of the Federal Government only barely touch. This is because the waist where the pants should sit, is naturally narrower than the hips and is therefore close. Anders is in a hipster jeans. The measurements for this test should be optimal.
At each hose should be noted before a test, what model it is. It is a low or a high-waist jeans, to pants sit closely or rather have a far cut boyfriend style?. It is also important to rely not solely and 100 percent on these tests. Trying on is still the safest alternative. BUT Fits the jeans not around the neck, can you save before going to the locker room in any case.
What woman does not know this: as you can see a great pair of jeans, in the best case even in the sale, and just can’t resist a purchase. So this looks especially crisp andconjures up a nice butt, we carry most closely adpressed. And since wife anyway always thinks she would want to remove even two or three kilos, she is purchased thena number too small. It is noticed weeks later, that it has not yet removed, and still tweaks his pants. A classic bad buy!
But that does not mean that the jeans must be sorted out now. Because: Denim widens when wearing still. This is due to the contained elastane. This means that the jeans will increase anyway even in the course of time. For we have some super tricks that not enough for you, to accelerate this process.
#1: it tweaks on the waistband? You can do this:
The belly is a typical region where the jeans can tweak. This is particularly unpleasant and not very healthy for the internal organs when wearing. Therefore here a tip toloosen the Federal: this can either directly after the laundry are applied or to make the pants extra wet for this purpose. Wet your pants on a hanger or a special Bunddehner should be hung. It should be built in any case sufficient voltage. Then the fabric to air dry can be done!
#2: strong thighs? This helps:
If you have no Bunddehner to the hand, can span the jeans even in the moist Stateover an ironing board. Then stretch the fabric at the waist during ironing. The sameworks also for the thighs. The targeted heating and stretching, exactly the points beextended sitting too close.
#3: the jeans should be absolutely perfect fit? Here‘s how:
If the jeans on each body part to sit perfectly and actually everywhere a littletweaks, there is still a very special solution. This is however also the most expensive. Wash the jeans (at 30 degrees, so that it is not even close) and tighten when still wet. And then: wait. The jeans keep on until it is completely dry. Meanwhile extensivelymove, so the jeans really stretches and fits the body.