Tips for keeping your shoes to keep it well maintained

Maintain fabric shoes
The classic sneakers: fabric shoes or even fabric shoes are shoes made of cotton, canvas or linen. Due to its lightweight material, the fabric treads are worn especially inthe summer. Boots made of fabric are true Dünnhäuter and very dirty and Nässeempfindlich. In addition, that the sustained trend colour for textile shoes is clear here without the proper care nothing runs white .


Textile shoes waterproof: waterproof new textile shoes before their first exit 2-3 times. So, the shoe is protected not only against dirt and moisture, but also against fading. Renew the protection if you have worn your shoes about ten times.
Clean textile shoes: which is a big disadvantage on textile shoes they discolour veryquickly. A wet cleaning with cleansing lotion or foam cleaner helps strong dirt and stains, they loosen the dirt without harming the material. The lotion or foam, is applied to a damp cloth, then rubbed the shoe with the. Then, you can easily remove theresidue with a damp cloth. Refresh the waterproofing protection after wet cleaning.


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Shoes maintain high TeX
The breathable surefire: A high TeX shoe is a Funktionsschuh, which is characterizedby a function membrane between lining and uppers. This ensures that moisture cannot permeate into the Interior and the shoe is still breathable. The upper of the shoe can made of leather but also from be textile which including this function membrane, however, requires a special care.
High TeX waterproof shoes: shoes you should choose high TeX a spray impregnation for breathable materials. Before you buy a spray, ensure that it is a means that does not harm the function membrane. Special products with high-TeX symbol you make sure in any case.
High TeX shoes clean: classically be high TeX shoes dry with a cloth and a shoe brush dirt free.
Do you shine your function treads but want a wet cleaning with wet cleaning agent is recommended here: easy to apply, just allow and then remove the excess residuewith a damp cloth. Also here is: make sure that chemical substances are harmless for the function membrane.


Shoes maintain synthetic
Synthetic is the genuine smooth leather confusingly similar to often referred to as synthetic leather and looks. Shoes are synthetic in contrast to their optical leather model very easy and quite insensitive, what applies to dirt, moisture, and light.
However, art leather shoes are usually just made in their production and therefore often have a shorter shoe life than the real leather version. With a regular care you can extend but also the life of your synthetic treads.
Synthetic waterproof shoes: synthetic shoes should be impregnated must regularly.For this purpose, you need no special synthetic spray, a common waterproofing spray is sufficient.
Synthetic shoes clean: dry cleaning can be done with brushes and cloths. In case ofwet cleaning for stubborn stains, cleaning agents are recommended. To avoid cracksin the shoe, you can treat the material with special synthetic foam. To prevent cracksin the upper with fatty shoe creams, works with synthetic, not because the cream is not absorbed in the material.


Constant care for a clean result
As an additional tip for each shoe material, the expert Thomas Ganick recommendsto comply with a certain consistency in the shoe care: “constant change of care products supports the success of shoe care. Sustainable is and remains only with consistent use of the same care as for example Palm grow.”


Additionally the shoe care, such as when the dentist: not only start with thecleaning, if it is already too late a lively moderate care can prevent holes, scratchesand stains and in time counteract the ravages of time!