Tips performing style using long pants jeans and shoes

east washing machines (and dryer)take on our favorite jeans and have no gentle wash cycles in the repertoire. How often have we teased us about troubled out of shape and faded jeans!
The reason for fabric fold at the ankles: The pants are simply too long. An unsightlyside effect is that the legs this small and burly effect. In the case better access to anankle jeans. This cut the fabric ends at the ankle, which is why it is often called ankle jeans. Because this jeans model just absolutely in line with the trend, you can find them in almost any store.
Muffin-top & co.: 4 jeans problems and the appropriate solutions
Problem #3: the step throws the jeans wrinkles
Women love tight skinny jeans that make a beautiful silhouette. However, depending on the fabric is thinner, the sooner the pants throw unsightly wrinkles in the step. Who would like to work around the issue, should access easily to a solid, thick denim. Also pants are okay, as long as they have a very solid material. Because the fabricis thicker, the less wrinkles throws the pants. The so-called ‘camel-toes’, however, are almost inevitable in leggings.
Muffin-top & co.: 4 jeans problems and the appropriate solutions
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Problem #4: washed out color
If you washed the favorite jeans a few times, it can ever happen that she lose color and faded effect. Therefore, it is important to turn jeans pants always on left, so to return the Interior to the outside, and then to throw them in the washing machine. Also avoid the dryer and better allow the jeans to dry in the air. Also a possibility: do not wash the jeans, but put it in the freezer.


Earlier fish sticks, pizza and vegetables in the freezer cavorted jeans lately.
Sounds weird? Is it also. But it makes sense: the l
In the freezer of the fridge however, jual sepatu converse murah the jeans will remain fresh and in form. Bacteria, a wash temperature from 30 to 40 degrees can have nothing to be at minus temperatures once for offset in the cryogenic sleep.
24 to 48 hours in the freezer are sufficient, then the jeans are again pretty fresh. When however nasty stains (and germs!) in the jeans have, a wash at 60 ° c is still the best choice!
How annoying, since it is his good leather shoes and all things then it starts to rain!Is the leather is dried again, ugly to leave water spots. What to do?
There is a simple trick to remove water stains on leather shoes. What you need: a bowl, bright vinegar and a (wild) leather brush. Fill the bowl with water and add a fewdrops of light vinegar. Then carefully clean the shoe with this liquid and the appropriate shoe brush. If the surface is dried again, the stain should be gone.