Tips on how to wear shoes to prevent foul odor does not

On Pinterest, many are circulating “Life Hacks”, so tips and tricks that will make yourlife easier. We present the five most popular ideas from the field of fashion.


1. the lint from a favorite sweater shave
The problem: Especially on knitting parts quickly small lint nodules that look prettyold sweater or Cardigan can be formed.


The supposed solution: the fluff should be a simple one time Shaver made of plasticsimply shave away.


Finally a way to get rid of pilling on your sweaters! Just in time for winter, run a plain razor over the pilling and watch your sweaters come back to life. Super helpful trick everyone needs to know about!


Brittanie bar more tricks
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Does this really work? Yes, that works. Her best spans to the fabric so that the razor blade hurt not the material, but only on the surface removed the lint. What all the enthusiastic lint Shaver on Pinterest however hide the fact: it takes quite a lot patience (and time), until a sweater is really lint-free shaved.


2 Pack Müffelnde shoes in the freezer (in a plastic bag!)
The problem: The Lieblingssneakers daily use and unfortunately not more fresh smell.


The supposed solution: Wrap the shoes in a sealable plastic zip bags bags and thusin the freezer compartment at least overnight. The cold temperatures to kill bacteria, which are responsible for the unpleasant odor.


: O Great for when you forget you’ve washed something…and remember 3 days later! Sometimes not even 3 soaks in bleach, baking soda, peroxide or lemon juice helps THAT.
Becca joy Rlife hacks
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Does this really work? Sneakers in the freezer? That sounds only once getting used to. The good news: It doesn’t hurt them to be frozen. The unpleasant odor can be mitigated in the short term as a result. However the freezing doesn’t change the fact that the treads after a while back müffeln. So you’d better avoid: change daily and thoroughly ventilate out after wearing shoes.


3. new, tight shoes with thick socks run and blow dry
The problem: The brand new shoes are still so hard and inflexible, that you get blisters on the feet and has pain when wearing.


The supposed solution: Thick socks put on, squeeze into the narrow shoes and then at least two minutes long hot blow.

Jessica WallEt cetera

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Does this really work? If the shoes fit in and of themselves and are only slightly stiff,this method can actually help to make the leather more flexible and conformable. jual sepatu converse indonesia But shoes that are too small can also not be greater blow dried


4. use panty liners to prevent sweat stains under the arms
The problem: It is warm, it is in stress and already enters the sweating, which can be read off some clothing pieces on dark stains under the armpits.


The supposed solution: To glue a Slipeinlange in the garment lengthwise over theseam under his arm, so where the sweat stains would otherwise arise.


Use a pantyliner to block sweat from making stains on your favorite shirts.


Christina RodriguezI like it
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Does this really work? Let’s say it again: the panty liner served their purpose and absorbs the liquid so the sweat so no stains on the garment. As a deposit under thearmpits but not is really comfortable to wear. But who breaks out at the thought ofsweat stains in acute sweat-emergency situations (interview, important presentation…) in welding, can try out Yes‘s.


5. toe tie together – and are already comfortable high heels
The problem: Many pumps tailored front so narrow, that wants the toes ache one after a few steps and you immediately get rid of the shoes.


The supposed solution: The third and fourth toe (counted by the big toe out) bind together with tape patch. So the narrow shoes should be comfortable to wear.