Two Types of Effective Online Store Website

Usaha paling menguntungkan – After knowing the answer to the question: Better , Selling in the Marketplace or in Your Own Online Store , then of course you are now starting to be convinced about the importance of having their own website.

Many people build their online business is not the right foundation. They are selling only in social media or in the forums or in the marketplace.

Having your own online store website where you have full control is crucial in developing the business for the long term.

You would still need to use different strategies to bring visitors as active in Social Media, Forum Sale and Purchase or in the Marketplace, but has one wholly owned and assets (ie your own website) is very important.


So the question now is what kind of website you build for your business online store or online shop you?

In this article I will explain the two types of effective online store website that you can make so that your business can continue to grow for the long term. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of this website.

1. Specific Product Website


I have explained in the article Strategies Effective Online Store with Capital Limited , why one good strategy to start a business online store is to create a website that sells a specific product in a niche.

This makes the website that need to be made so simple. Purchasing or procurement process so simple. Stocks of finished goods less. Infrastructure website does not need sophisticated sophisticated and if you use the employee, it is very easy to teach employees the knowledge 1-2 products. Is it right?

In principle, you can start small,  from there could develop more in line with the understanding, commitment and your learning.

The following advantages and disadvantages of a specific product website.

Excess Specific Product Website

  1. Website specific product more easily made . It did not take too long to make a specific product website, especially if you use the methods that we teach in training the training that we held , participants of a layman can make a website specific products that are ready to receive orders in just a few hours!
  2. Website specific product a higher conversion or High Conversion Rate so it just takes a bit of your visitors to a sale. This is because the website specific products that focus on specific products that are sought after by visitors who come, so not too much  distraction  that causes people to put off purchases. Of course, this is assuming the layout and critical elements to create a high conversion in your website (no Trust Factor , so to speak).
  3. Easier to make rankings and go to page one in Google.  There are things that can be set and optimized in a specific product website so it’s easier to rank and enter page one in Google. When that happens, you can get free traffic (traffic free) for months and even years ahead (has been demonstrated by our alumni and our where our website and sign in page one rankings on Google for several years).

Disadvantages Specific Product Website

Although it has many advantages, specific product website also has some important disadvantages, namely:

  1. Customer does not know any other product that you sell other than those listed on the website of your specific products.  If your customer (the A example) to buy product X in a specific product X your website, then the A think you only sell product X, so that when the A requires the other product, he will go to someone else. You thus lose the turnover of the A and Person A could be lost forever if other sellers ‘smarter’ in me maintain customer.
  2. Customers usually do not remember the website address your specific product. Usually the website address or domain name of the website specific product is the name of the product itself. So usually rather long and difficult to remember, especially if the .net or .org domain extension or others This often causes the customer to forget and hard to come back to your website  so that the opportunity for repeat orders can be lost . Do not remember the address of your website is of course also make it difficult for customers to refer your website to friends or family. Unfortunately, no?
  3. You do not build a brand that will be popular and well known people . If you just have a lot of specific products website, you are going to get a customer, the turnover and profit, but you are building a brand or brand known to man. Whereas one of the basic principles of building a business for the long term is to build a brand or brands are remembered and known by many people, especially your customers.
  4. Owns and maintains many websites more hassle than just raise a few or a single website. WordPress themes and plugins frequent updates. Especially if you had to have to change contact details or CS on many websites.
  5. Postage calculation system automatically does not exist because it is a specific product website is made with a more simplified system.

And there are some other disadvantages. Therefore, in our workshop, there are explained the importance to move up to the next level by building a second type of website ie Website Brand Store.

2. Website Brand Store


Brand Store is our term to refer to the online store website that sells multiple products by using the domain name or address of the website in the form of a brand / brand or a name that you want popularized or remembered by others.

Example Brand Store in Indonesia is like:

  • that until now people still remember it as an online store for computer equipment and other technology.
  • Zalora that focus on niche fashion.
  • Plaza cameras in the camera and its accessories.

We advise you to build Brand Store in a niche / category. So not only sell one or two products but sell a variety of products but still within the niche / category.

So for example your chosen niche is products for infants then you can sell products that relate to babies such as baby clothes, baby food, toys for babies and so on.

If you are selling a product that was a mix-mix, from food, beauty products, slimming, unique items, electronics and others in a brand store, it would not be clear, in fact this online store about what and people will find it hard to remember Brand Store You.

So do not be Online Shopping Mall, let it be done by the big players that have unlimited capital For most people, it is better to build store in a niche / category.

Website Pros Brand Store

  1. Customer so you know all the products you are selling so that they do not ‘move to another heart’ when they need other products. A customer who’ve purchased on your own trust / confidence in you making it easier to buy other products from you, rather than from other people they do not know.
  2. The name or address of the website Brand Store that tend to be short (with a .com extension or id) more easily remembered so that the customers will be easy to come back to your website for repeat orders or to see or buy other products. Additionally, your customers will also be easier to refer your website to friends or family.
  3. Website Brand Store is usually made with software / system more sophisticated so that the online store you can have a lot of sophistication and convenience such as:
    • Can add new products with ease.
    • Can sell products that have variations (color, size, taste, etc.)
    • Can automatically displays the best-selling product on its front page.
    • Postage can be calculated automatically according to the product purchased.
    • Can make a promotion program with a variety of promotional discounts.
    • Could have tiered pricing system in accordance with the amount of purchase.
    • Could mark a product Out of Stock or Out of Stock.
    • Someone can see the history of customer purchases.
    • Can be integrated with email marketing or SMS.
    • Customer can give a review about the product or testimonials shopping experience.
    • And can continue to be developed by adding plugins required.

Website shortage Brand Store

Website Brand Store but it also has shortcomings that need to know are:

  1. The manufacturing process longer and more complex . It takes time, resources and attention are passable to create a website Brand Store is really nice.

    That is why I often say, create a website that a specific product such as Sprint or Quick Run, run for a while already completed. But if you make a Brand Store is like Marathon or Long Distance Running. There is always a need to be improved and repaired in a Brand Store.

    But the key is the Do not Pursue Perfection but Progres . Create and launch Brand Store version 1, after it was upgraded to be increasingly good.

  2. The conversion rate or conversion rate can be lower if you do not understand about the Brand Store layout that high conversions like.

    For example, someone looking for a slimming product, and then locate your website that sells 10 kinds of slimming products, one of which is a product A. This man began to read explanation of each of these slimming products, and then she was getting confused, which was nice, all seemed nice.

    Finally, after spending more than 30 minutes reading here and there, because of confusion, he finally said to himself, yes it is later decided and finally go, so do not buy So you have to learn tips and tricks so that this error does not happen to you.

So from the above, you now understand what the pluses and minuses of the two types of effective online store website.

Website where you need to make? 

The answer is: depends

Every business person has a different situation, so the correct answer of course depends on your situation. Below I provide some clues.

If you already have an offline store or business that sells products with many variations, such as veiling of women or children or other school bag, then you should indeed directly create a Brand Store so you can display all the products that you sell.

If you already run a business online store, selling a variety of products and has customers pretty much (from websites, social media, marketplaces, forums etc) then you can improve your business by creating a Brand Store.

If you are just starting out in business online store, recently got a new product and have a few customers, I advice you continue to build specific products website first. Get a lot of customers, after it had made Brand Store.

Hopefully what I discussed in this article can be useful in order to clarify the questions that must go through in business online store.

Now please explain in the comments, the online store website where you have today? If you do not have, what your constraints? And if you’re ready to build a Brand Store or not?

For those of you who are ready to build Brand Store, in the next article I will explain, what system and platform that we recommend to build a Powerful Brand Store .