Various fruit Able Treating Stroke

Stroke is a terrible disease that can snatch someone’s freedom. Very deadly disease usually comes suddenly, and without obvious symptoms symptoms. Stroke is a condition in which brain cells die suddenly due to lack of oxygen. It can be caused by obstruction in the flow of blood, or rupture of an artery feeding the brain.

Benefits of fruit to treat stroke

Strokes can cause paralysis, either paralyzed or partially paralyzed entire body. Stroke can occur due to many factors, ranging from not eating healthy, active and passive smokers, high blood pressure, cholesterol and also obesitas. fruits have efficacy in treating stroke. To reduce the risk of stroke and also to treat stroke can use the following fruits:

1. Banana: Eating a banana 3x a day can provide enough potassium to prevent blood clots the brain, which is a major cause of stroke.

2. Apples: Apples contain potassium in addition to a high enough also contain pectin which helps stabilize blood pressure, thereby reducing the risk of stroke from hypertension.

3. Cucumber: cucumber is also the fruit to treat stroke. Because cucumber helps reduce blood pressure and potassium contained in it can prevent blood clots in the brain.

4. Star Fruit: Fruits are known with a unique shape, it is also able to treat stroke. Starfruit contains almost similar to the good apples from its potassium and pectin, so leatherback able to prevent blood clots and also reduces hypertension.

5. Papaya: Papaya can help reduce the risk of stroke because it can nourish the heart and the circulation of blood.

Fruits on a fruit that can be used to treat stroke. To get the maximum results and avoid a stroke, it would be nice if the consumption of fruits above coupled with a healthy lifestyle free of cigarettes and junk food. Also, avoid collisions on the head and always protect the head, especially when driving. This is because there is often the case, that a stroke can come only 3 hours sesuda bumped heads. Collided head can cause blood vessels to rupture and clot, and can lead to stroke and even death. Thank you for reading the article Various Fruit Able Treating Stroke .